House Boat Plans – Finding the Best

House boat plans can be hard to find. Especially if you don’t have an architect of boat builder friend and designer. I didn’t. In fact when Maggie my wife and I decided we want to retire out on a houseboat we didn’t really know anything about boat building or boat plans at all. I’d been on the odd boat, but never had any sailing experience.

And we were a little bit nervous, we were going to spend a bunch of money on a house boat and we didn’t’ really know what to look for. I mean how do you figure out what to look for when buying a house boat? It’s not the same as a car. Looking for boating supplies? Then click here to shop on Amazon.

And once we had figured that part out we wanted to figure out house boat plans so that we could make it into something nicer and more livable for us. We had a great boat, but we wanted to give it our own touch. After a lot of searching I found this great website that has all the boat plans you could ever need for a few lifetimes.

In fact, if I had found it earlier I might even have been inclined to try and build my own house boat! But that would have been quite a big project. But if you’re looking to build your own boat then check out this site. They have catamaran plans, dinghy plans, skiff plans, wooden boat plans and of course houseboat plans. This is certainly a terrific resource if you want to build your own boat.

I shared with you in an earlier post that I have a friend who is building a yacht. I shared this resource with him and he loves their boat building plans. His yacht is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to spending some good times on it.

Wooden boat building is easy with this website. I built my grandson a little plywood boat that is about 2 feet long and looks identical to our house boat. In fact I took the house boat plan and just scaled it down to get it just right. He always brings it along when he comes to visit us and we tow it behind as we sail out of the harbour. He loves it.

I’ve used the house boat plans or actually, the house boat floor plans to renovate the inside of our little house boat. It took me over a year to do it, just tinkering away. We were living in the houseboat after all. But the house boat floor plans were very easy to follow. This is what I love about these house boat plans I’ve found. The fella has written them clearly and concisely so that they are easy to follow. Lots of pictures too. For me that really helps. Click here to have a look at this great resource on boat plans.

So whatever kind of boat plans you’re looking for, from yacht plans to skiff plans and house boat plans. Do you yourself a favor and have a look at this resource. I wish I had it earlier, it would have saved me a ton of time.

Happy sailing,


Do Boats Need Bottom Paint at All?

Durability is one thing that you would want to have in anything that you possess. There is no question that it is one of the qualities that you would like to define the things that you possess and use, whatever those might actually be. After all, who wouldn’t want their stuff to be reliable and as free from worries as possible? But in order to make sure of it, you need to have a good understanding of that object first.

Boating is something that’s fairly new to me. With that said no one could really expect me to be a reliable expert about boats and boating right away. And as such, I also have so many questions about it that only shows how little I know about it at this point, and also how excited I am to expand my knowledge. It is easy to see why I would be so excited about boating, especially since I also love the water a lot.

There are so many different aspects to boating that I have yet to learn, but is willing to know and be able to do as soon as I am aware of how to actually do it. For me, the more important aspects of boating that I would like to learn about first were about how to make the boat more safe and durable. Those are two very important things that any boat owner should take into consideration, not only the new ones like me but the older ones as well.

Bottom Painting for Boats

Right now I am thinking about doing bottom painting for my boat and wondering if it is actually necessary, do boats need bottom paint? The truth of the matter is that at this point I am not really so sure, which is the whole point why I needed to consult those who know more about it. It seems that the bottom paint for boats is needed to prevent any kind of growth at that specific boat part.

The most useful type of paint for fresh water, which is the one that I need actually, is the thin film vinyl paint that features a growth inhibitor of copper particles. This type of paint is a very thin film and possesses some modest inhibition properties. It also does not build up at all, and these types of paints re usually modified with the use of Teflon which helps in decreasing any kind of friction in the water.

Hard paint is also used, which is a good option since it does not really wear off or lose its effectiveness even if the boat is not in the water for a few weeks or maybe a little more than that. There is a good advantage of using hard paint and that is the fact that it has lesser impact on the actual performance of the boat and that might make a real difference for a boat owner.